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Fitness/Wellness Initiative

The Henderson Fire Department proudly boasts a comprehensive, proactive wellness and fitness program modeled after NFPA 1583: Health-Related Fitness Programs for Firefighters and the IAFF/IAFC/ACE Fitness & Wellness Initiative.

It is no secret that, historically, the fire service has been known more for their apparatus and equipment than the uniformed personnel who provide emergency services and use such equipment. Firefighters and EMS responders respond to emergency incidents that require extreme physical output and often result in adverse physiological and psychological outcomes.  These adverse outcomes, over time, can and do affect the overall wellness of the firefighting and emergency response system. The ultimate goal of the department’s wellness and fitness program is to improve the quality of life of all personnel.

There is a direct relationship between high levels of aerobic and muscular fitness and workplace productivity and safety. Wellness and fitness programs encourage better, safer, and more efficient services.

This program is an investment in our system’s critical human capital that will benefit our people and our community.

Peer Fitness Trainers

Fitness Assessments

Bi-annual fitness assessments are mandatory for all career suppression personnel. Other personnel are encouraged and able to participate in the assessments, if desired. Fitness assessments are non-punitive, confidential, and positive individualized programs. Components of the results are measured against the individual’s previous assessments -- not against a standard or norm.






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